Monday, January 17, 2011

inside : : outside

i love how a seasonal flower brings beauty and the memory of last year. isn't that what makes something good, when form and content go hand in hand and intertwines to something more.

we're going through some mild sickness, that is anyway strong enough to leave me exhausted. today all kids are off to kindergarten and i'm catching up. i still love this weather, though. there's something really good about winter this year. well, this kind of middle eastern winter, anyway. definitely not ready for warmer days just yet. i will be, but not now.

and i love how the dried out flowers from the summer are standing string in the fields, soon they'll disappear in the lush green that is spring around here. but still they have the chance to show off their simple, quiet beauty.


  1. The dark deep colors of the first photo flowers are so beautiful. Enjoy your day my friend. xo

  2. I do love dry flowerheads in the winter. So perfect against the clear sky.

  3. and today it is tu bishvat!
    a lovely celebration, right?!

    kiss to you

  4. I love your perspective. Your blog is beautiful...and one of my favorites.