Thursday, January 20, 2011

the beautiful blues

my mom left yesterday. it's always sad to say good bye, i like having her here. but she'll be back.

i have a stronger than usual crush on my boys. as much as i love them there are periods where they can be a challenge. i mean, i had three children in less than two years, so i've had my fair share of crying, sickness and not feeling good enough. i still have that occasionally, but somehow it seems like something has happened in the last few month.

maybe it's awareness, maybe it's just rythm, maybe it's how it is when they mature, grow older. not sure, but it feels good. i find myself watching them and my heart is melting. i know they are not perfect, but they are.


today is tu b'schwat, the new year celebration of the trees. isn't that just a perfect thing to celebrate? the children have planted flowers and trees with their kindergartens this week.

so here's to a happy and fruitful new year, to the trees and to us.


  1. beautiful, how your write about your boys....

    and i simply love this holiday! like you say, the perfect thing to celebrate.

  2. "i know they are not perfect, but they are"
    simple and perfect statement.
    i love to read your words.

  3. Yours sounds like such an unusual life, so different from mine here in Australia, as mother of four daughters, and one grandson, with Dutch parents and a love of all things European, and Australian and many places in between. It's good to meet you.

  4. You write so beautifully about the little and big things of daily life.

  5. lovely photos and words, as always... so glad for this time of wonderment over your boys. i think these times come and go... we always love them, but sometimes we see the miracle of it all so clearly...

  6. Oh, I know those feelings. And I love those blue pictures. All that blues.

  7. hej, jeg gleader mig meget til at komme til israel... espessialy when i see your pictures of all the good and beautiful things. i just booked my flight for the 2.2.
    the first thing i will do is go to the sea...