Friday, April 1, 2011

funny face

my mom is still here. i don't know how we'd how managed this first month of work without first my dad, then her in the house. march is also the last month of the financial year, and as in previous years, D has been working insane this month. for the last two weeks his been working most hours of the days, only sleeping 3-4 hours a night.

the photo above is from my mom's last visit. we'd just been eating pumpkin pie, and i was playing with the camera to take a photo. see how she's just about to burst into laughter? she's waiting for me to notice how she placed the fox with the plate and the spoon. just too funny, and cute too.

hope you're enjoying your weekend. we had summer today. really hot. 2 out of three kids went into the water at the beach today, the rest of us just melted. love it.


  1. the photo is adorable =)
    the weather was indeed very nice today, looking forward to some more days like this.

  2. The photo makes me smile. Very cute fox and fun with your mum too.

  3. i miss your post and your photos. i envy your weather. we still have snow here...

  4. a really lovely photo, say hi to your mom and the rest.

  5. great shot ... my mother will visit us in few weeks, will meet after almost 1 year already ... time is flying ...