Sunday, April 3, 2011


march was a beautiful month. lots of rain, flowers, green and spring feel. where you leave with sweaters and coats int he cold mornings and walk around in t-shirt and bare feet by noon. one days dark and rainy, the next filled with sunshine and warm wind.

it was a month of change, and here, in our house there were big changes too. i returned to work, full time. leaving the house every morning like everyone else.

we have had my parents here to help in the transition. also because this month is D's nightmare, the end of the financial year, and a month of non-stop work into the early morning hours for him. awful. i found a wonderful young woman who picks up the kids twice a week. when they greet me in the evening they are exhausted, dirty and excited from adventures around the village, with or without there friends. she's energetic and loves the outdoors. how perfect is that!

and hey, we have a cleaner too. she's worked with our neighbors for years and has agreed to come and help us out too. so, as you can understand, it's different around here. some of the differences are good, and some are less good.

we are still adjusting, and so, when people ask how it is, i say i don't know. not yet. so far it's been ok, but let's see when things settle in.

the photos above are from a few weeks back. on a sunny day, after a few days of heavy spring rain. they just about sum up the weather in this month of march :)

wishing you a wonderful april.


  1. hope that everything changed to the good! have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh, I so know how you feel. Changes are good, scary, and always bring a series of emotions.

  3. and march was the month i finally got to meet you! i am happy about that!
    and i love this picture of your mother and the fox.
    perhaps we'll have a cocktail in april?
    take care!

  4. I'm so glad you were able to find some good people to help you around the house and with the kids. I hope your new job is what you were looking for.