Sunday, July 17, 2011

it's been a while

i think i'm back. the back-to-work adventure came to an end last month. we simply couldn't handle it as a family. even if everything was arranged, with afternoon nanny a couple of times a week, helpful grandparents and a wonderful woman to clean the house for us. maybe we just didn't try it long enough, maybe we would have gotten used to it. but after four month of coming home late afternoon or early evenings and rushing through the end-of-day routines with three kids, hungry for attention and craving to be seen, we had enough. all of us, really.

so for the past three weeks i've been making up. giving the kids days off, one at a time. to have some alone time with each. and short days in the kindergarten to all. in three days we'll be going to denmark for the summer. where the rumors say the weather is nasty cold and rainy. which means we've been working on an overdose of sun, beach and heat. the heat doesn't take much of an effort, though. it's here, 24/7, sticking to us with air humidity in the 70 plus percentages. luckily we have the pool in the moshav and the beach.


  1. it's great to see you back!!
    i can imagine how difficult it has been to work with 3 kids.
    enjoy denmark:)

  2. yeahY! happy to see you back!
    enjoy denmark and cuddling up on rainy summer days. but who knows, perhaps by then it will change?!
    when you come back perhaps we can meet for a cocktail!

  3. Must've been a difficult decision to make!!
    YES, the Danish weather is very crappy at the moment; lots of rain and wind :-/
    Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back! Enjoy your time in Denmark. It is difficult to juggle work and family, sometimes the work just is not worth it. Everything in its time.
    Happy Summer to you and your family.

  5. holaaaaaa, you (little wave)
    will you look at the light on that pic!

    the north of europe is windy, rainy and dark at the mo. indeed.
    we've all had an exceptionally dry, lovely mild spring this year so, rainy summer it is.

    (luckily I'm down south four a few days to recharge those run-down batteries... but, guess what, the rain is a-coming this way, hee hee ;)

  6. It is truly wonderful to be in a family where everyone loves being together and work takes second stage. You only get one time to do it.

  7. Yeah... Now we get some time with you too! Each situation works different for everyone, at least you gave it s try. Have fun on your holiday! xo

  8. Oh I can only imagine how difficult it must have been trying to find a rhythm that works to keep everyone happy. I occasionally kid myself into thinking that I could go to work full time while raising my kids, but it abruptly comes to an end after a weekend shift at work (I work 4 times a month). Life at home seems to come unglued in my absence and though it is good for them and for me, I think the 4 days is quite enough. So glad you are back in your space, for now, work will always be there to find you again... our children are only with us (young) for a short while. xxx