Tuesday, July 19, 2011

they are back

tough 'n tattooed. just like the weight-lifting smurf.

for some reason the smurfs are back. weird how these marketing people manage to find their way into our lives. suddenly you realize that your kids know the smurfs. i thought they died out back in the 80s. apparently a new movie is soon out and the kids pick up on this stuff.

i'm packing. or, rather, i should be packing. tomorrow we're off. my mom still has a big box of my smurf gear from back in the days. then i get to feel we beat that big ol' material world just a tiny bit: see we'll be recycling my old toys and - try to - stay away from all your new merchandized smurf stuff.

thanks for the welcome backs comments. it's good to be here again.

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