Friday, September 2, 2011

a dog or not a dog?

back in may my family was here for ten days. that is, my parents and older brother with his wife and daughters. younger brother and girlfriend had exams so we missed out on their company. still, it was absolutely lovely. one of the days we went to a nearby kibbutz where there are different animals for the kids to pet. it's a beautiful little place.

this summer in denmark we met the new little dog of my nieces. his name is alvin and he is adorable (for some reason i don't have any photos of him, and any way i didn't get around to go through my photos from denmark).

now our boys started talking about a dog. and i think i'm quite against it. i think they are too young and it's too much work and responsibility. if we'd had one from before they were born, but that would have been a different story.

on the other hand, having a dog does appeal to me. we have perfect surroundings for it, living here in the countryside. and i must admit that after the break ins we had in the spring, it makes me wonder if a dog would make us feel a bit safer.

what do you think?


  1. I love that first photo, Trine!
    About the dog, we have an outdoor cat, and it's SO much more work and responsibility than I ever thought! A dog is even more work, but I think it would be really special for your three boys to grow up with its company.

  2. NO doubt about it,
    i say go for a dog!
    they bring so much happiness.
    and it sounds like from what you have told me, once you know the dog well enough,
    you live in the kind of place were he-she could be a very independent and free dog?
    and sense you go abroad quite some, that you have a reliable someone to take care of the dog while you are gone.

    welcome back by the way! happy you are around again.

  3. A dog is a lot of work. Also dogs have to be trained. It is also important to chose a breed of dog that suits your family. Young children may not be prepared to be diligent in obedience training. Also if you do go away, who will take care of the dog? I have a dog, and wow she is a lot of work, and it is difficult to find someone to take care of her. Of my friends who have young children, it is the mother that takes care of the dog. So if you want a fourth child (fur child) go ahead.