Thursday, September 8, 2011

days in denmark

look at that sweater! and the rain clothes! hard to imagine now when we're back and the heat is on. as in really hot.

i'm getting cold feet re the dog. not sure if we're really ready for it. the boys have been busy getting back in to every day life and didn't talk about it either.

we do have a tiny chick in the coop, though. so cute, so sweet. crossing our fingers that we'll soon have more (honestly, we deserve it! the rooster out there wakes some of us - me! - up at 4 or 5 in the morning. i need at least 6 chicks to melt my heart enough to forgive him).

wishing you a wonderful weekend. here it's soon getting started.


  1. Hi there. Your photos are always so lovely!! My advice regarding the dog . . . don't do anything about it until the children bring it up again. I have two dogs and it is a lot of work. I love them to death but my house would be so much cleaner if I didn't have them. If the kids start begging again then labs are wonderful with children. They do shed but brushing them helps a lot. I adore my dogs but must admit that I think about how much less work there would be for me without them. : )

    Good luck to you!!!! LOL!!

    ~ Wendy

  2. dear trinsch, it has been a long time...i know i'm an almost quiet reader. but i'm here. and i feel often so connected to you. i always like your travels to denmark back home to your family. and back again to your country. life with kids is often a hurry, ups and downs, always moving forward, always something to do, long long to do lists, often late, sometimes tired, sometimes extemly happy. i wish i could just drink a cup of ice tea with you...maybe one day. that would be great. wish you a happy friday*send you a big hug.