Thursday, September 15, 2011

shades of gray

did i tell you that it rained a lot in denmark. yes? ok, well, but it really did rain. a lot. in fact i'd say grey was a bit of a theme this summer in denmark. but grey can be pretty. i like grey.


funny thing, that grey sky and heavy clouds makes a of green. i am always surprised at the lush greens in denmark. the parks, gardens, fields, forests. we have a few months here in israel, by the end of winter, around march and april, sometimes even into may, where it seems green here. but that's only because the last month of summer and fall is so dry, so dusty and the surface of the earth so burned, that it seems like magic when the world gets colorful again after only a few months of cooler weather and rainy days.

when i get home to denmark i remember what green really is. because it's all around and in all shades. even august, or maybe especially in august, if the summer has been so generous on water as this summer was.
....right now, this second the cats we have outdoors just interrupted me. too much excitement on the terrace. turns out they were playing with a mouse. why do they have to do that? i get that they have to go for the mice. that's what cats do. fine. but the playing around first, sitting watching the mouse, then pushing it with a paw to make it move, only to catch it, then let it go again. just eat and move on. no?

and now we're at the wild outdoors that is my garden: for the last couple of days we've had a tiny porcupine showing up. i'm not a specialist, but i'd say it's a baby and it's close to being the cutest thing ever. we fed him snails this evening (sorry snail lovers, he seemed really hungry and he asked for snails). 

by the way, we still only have one chick in the coop. still waiting, impatiently, for her (she's got to be a her!) to get some sisters to play with.

wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Great pictures

    Hello from the north mountains of Aragon

  2. hey you
    nice stories, sounds like good to be back.
    and i know what you mean about green, it always amazes me when i return to sweden or the netherlands, all those shades of green. looks juicy!!!