Thursday, October 6, 2011

after the zoo

at the end of a long day in the jerusalem zoo with the sweetest aunt. hanging, hiding and cooling off with "artik".

last time i was in the jerusalem zoo was when little D was only a couple of months old and the older boys not even two. i remember being tired from running after the twins, trying to get them interested in the animals when they'd much rather just run or climb around.

with that in mind i felt a bit sorry for all of us new parents that are trying so hard to get out and about with the little ones, giving them great experiences and adventures. really, most of the time a not-even-two year old just wants a playground, a stroll, a park, beach or maybe - and really simple - home. i know they learn and experience when we take them to museums and zoos and all the other things, but really, it is just so much better to do these kind of things with children that are a bit older and participate, ask questions, have opinions, and really remembers.

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