Monday, November 28, 2011

keeping it cool

it's so cold. i know, nothing like snow and frost, but the houses around here are not build for 12 degrees. at all. they are build to stay cold in the long, humid summers. and they sure keep cold.

people look at me with surprise when i say it's just too cold. as in how can a scandinavian woman complain about freezing. but the thing is, back home the houses are warm and cozy when it's cold. it's cold outside, not inside. here it's like living in a fridge. seriously. during the day when the sun is shining, it's warm outside, but go inside and after an hour you feel like putting gloves on. as i said, the houses here stay cold, and they do it well!

the other day after the rain the kids ran around barefeet in the mud (and looking back i realize that might be the reason why the kids got a bit sick).

they were all good today, but the two that had had fever yesterday got an extra day at home. and the third guy was just too offended about being the only one off to kindergarten, that i let him stay home too. i think it was around 10:43am i realized they should all have gone today, at least half the day. way too much energy and restlesness going on while i was trying to get some work done. at least my temper got a bit heated once in a while today.

i really like this.


  1. hahahhaa
    i know this feeling too, very well!
    'but you swedes are supposed to be used to the cold, no?'
    yes!!! but our houses are WARM and cozy!

    it is far more difficult and annoying like this, like your body never ever heats up really.

    beautiful pictures. i need to stop blogging and get going. but i enjoy this too much!

  2. our stone house is very difficult to heat in the winter, and there are many days in the fall and in the spring when it's far warmer outside than inside - but the fireplace is a blessing, if you can afford to spend your day next to it:)
    that's why i'm in the pacific north west at the moment: they do know how to keep their homes warm over here!:):)

  3. i know! i know! i know!