Wednesday, November 30, 2011

here with me

they have been taking turns with the fever. the other day all three at home, then as i thought they were good, one woke with a new round of fever. then today the last of them, the one that wasn't really sick, but nevertheless stayed home as his brothers recovered. well, now he is sick. even worse than the others (did that make any sense at all?)

i cannot tell you how thankful i am that i am again working from home. that i don't have to juggle with the various feelings of guilt that comes with sickdays at home. this is truly everyday-life luxury. the fact that my biggest regret from these days of sickness is not having had the chance to go for a run, says it all, how lucky i really am.

so he's here with me today, at home. he is sleeping close to me on the couch, i can hear his heavy breathing, and i am here everythime he wakes up and needs to be comforted.

as much as i don't like him to be sick, to be tied to this house for days, i feel grateful that i can be here today.


  1. dear trinsch, thank you so much for your nice comment in my blog!! Your photos are so beautiful and I really really hope that your children will get well soon!! The thing that happens in less than one month is that I will have to return to Spain and I'll leave my boyfriend in long distance then :(. And I'm trying not to think about time passing. It depends on the day, usually. I really like how you show your life (i'm really interested in the middle east so reading your blog and the one from sarapirat is always a source of inspiration). Lots of kisses and to the children as well!!

  2. Being there is sometimes the best medicine. Hope all will recover quickly.

  3. hope he is getting better?!
    here it is also hitting everyone.
    i started feeling sickish yesterday and today it is blooming out. but tomorrow we have a performance so...well...
    making witch brew from honey, lemons, ginger and onion!

    beautiful pictures again.

  4. Hope they are all well soon. Me too, on the other side of the word sick with flu. Time to rest.

  5. hope they are all well soon again.
    its wonderful to be reminded that there is a blessing in what seems difficult at the time- thank you for that!