Friday, December 2, 2011

just because

it is good to know that we will be spending the holidays in denmark. a quite different denmark than the above, i hope, but even without the snow i'm sure it will be good to be home.

it's weekend, we're lazy, the house is super clean, a bouquet of flowers on the dining table. steaks waiting in the fridge for dinner, baked a no-knead bread in the morning.
happy weekend to you. and if you have a cold house like me, this might heat you up a bit. or not.... :)


  1. Even without the snow Northern Europe always has the right atmosphere for Christmas, and it will be good to spend it with your family (when is the last time you were there?).
    Happy weekend!

  2. hey!
    when are you going?
    i hope there will be some snow...there is still enough time for the climate to change.

    i wish i had some flowers too. persian buttercups!
    take care!

  3. hello trinsch!! ooh you'll be flying to the cold for christmas! and me I'll be going south (back to spain). hope that your kids feel better!! Beso