Friday, December 9, 2011

randomly for the weekend

i have been eating so much spinach lately you wouldn't believe it. i think my face might turn green soon. if not from the spinach then because of envy of all those women out there who can make be fat braids. i just will never be able to do that with my scandinavian, fine hair (big sigh). i can only dream - and draw.

that fish-like thing up there was in the aquarium in copenhagen. i wish i had filmed it. i don't think you get to say cute about a fish that often, but this really was the cutest thing ever (i am now wondering if it's considered a fish at all?) it went up and down oh-so gracefully like a little ballet dancer. then i would have watched that little film clip now.

we got a new car this week. a volvo. but until i started this post i didn't even think of taking a photo of that car. cars are just not that interesting, are they? but for some irrational reason i feel good about it being scandinavian.

i would, though, take a photo if that lamp up there was mine. but it's not. it's hanging in my brother and his girl friend's apartment in the building where i used to live. i guess i took the photo anyway :)

and by the way, the spinach i'm eating these days is just a simple soup kinda thing. I defrost some spinach leaves, fry a bit of finely chopped onion, add some water, the spinach leaves. add some salt, then a bit of cream, and finally some nutmeg. sometimes i add a bit of feta on top or parmesan, but mostly just super simple and so tasty. (can you eat too much spinach?)

have a nice weekend.


  1. i love spinach so much too. i will definitely try this recipe. and the answer is : no! you can't eat too much spinach;)

  2. hahhaaa!
    me too, turning into pop eye...
    i make spinach soup,
    and lemony spinach with pasta
    and spinach salad.

    yum yum yum. i love spinach.
    and i also made hot chocolate with whipped cream on the rainy day!

    congratulations to your volvo! reliable car :) or whatever...

  3. I made spinach tonight ( fry the spinach with leeks and shallots in olive oil, salt and pepper and presto ready in five minutes) plus my kids love it!! Long live Popeye. I enjoyed your post!