Friday, December 9, 2011

weekend coming up

it was raining yesterday. stayed indoor most of the day except for a few errands and a 6k run before the rain started. picked the kids up and had hot chocolate and baked chocolate chip cookies. also had a few bumps on the road with them.

i can't seem to figure out if i'm extra sensitive or if it really is them testing me lately. there's a lot of going to the limit. and then beyond. in a different, new way. they get older. the giggling and making faces, it can really get on my nerve. i probably need to work on that as i can imagine i will see more of that as they get older. or then again, maybe it's just a phase.

started a new book, a real book, for bedtime story. astrid lindgren's brothers lionheart. it's the first time we try out an actual book, and to be honest i have my doubts. i'm not sure they were ready. the first chapter with the young kid talking about being sick and dying, and then the older brother dying... they constantly interrupted to ask about this whole death thing. which i guess is ok. we'll see how it goes.

1 comment:

  1. how much i loved reading solal bed time stories!
    i am sorry with all the testing thing but i guess it's part of the job.
    wishing you a lovely weekend!