Monday, January 30, 2012

from in here

yet another rainy day. i'll have to spice up our food ... our lives, if i could ... as we're spending a lot of times in doors.

the temperatures dropped again it seems, and all three kids are home. not really sick, but also not really well. just about that stage where they are restless in their little bodies, but don't have much energy to really do much for very long. and if you are wondering: yes, that can be a challenge.

on another note, that's one of the outdoor cats up there. he's a giant. the moment we start working in the kitchen they'll hear it and we have one, two, three... four cats sitting there. waiting. they're watching our every move, hoping we'll go to the front door with some leftover food. sometimes it's cute and fun. other times it's kind of creepy. and uncomfortable. i feel like the rich people dining inside the beautiful restaurant while the poor, starving child stands outside in the cold with his nose pressed against the window glass.

i don't know his name, it changes all the time. last time i checked it was choochoo, but it might be johnny by now. he's almost two. and his got twin siblings. they are just about one.

and all this cat talk reminds me: i really have to take the mother cat of all the cats to the vet. cannot have her bring more kittens this spring. four is more than enough.


  1. When Tom and I lived in Rome, we had to stop eating dinner out on the terrace because a family of roof cats would come, sit in the gutter, watch us, and often meow loudly - so uncomfortable!

  2. What a great cat. Big and gorgeous! We had three cats a couple of years ago. They were just the same, always waiting to see if there was something to snatch away :D