Tuesday, January 31, 2012


whether to go in as we walked through the flooded olive fields. they still wearing their pjs, the uniform this last week where they've stayed home most days. today i'm down to two almost-well-again patients, but that's how the day started yesterday too. let's see.

i on the other hand is contemplating how it might be possible to add a few hours to the day, hours that would be all mine. (and how i might get my hands on this dream. maybe when i win the lottery? that i don't play. not any time soon then.)


  1. get well soon!
    i imagine this season is not easy for parents...
    i am right now with the children of my sisters, also home from kindergarden and school for various reasons.
    and it drives everyone slightly mad being indoors all day.
    i can't wait to roll around in the snow.

  2. I can relate...hard to have enough time in a day!
    But walks in jammies are the best :)