Thursday, February 2, 2012

is it already?

wow. where did january go? if 2012 continues like this 2013 will hit me in the face really hard.

in general it's a little bit insane how time is just accelerating for each year i add to my age. there was a time when last year was a distant memory with its own logic, filled with an existential vibe that had long since been replaced by something new, different, more fitting to the life then lived. but now last year is more like "i wonder where i put those woolen socks..."

but still i get completely stressed out about the fact that i feel the flue in my body and my nose getting stuffed: will i really lose a whole weekend and have to let go of all the plans and to-do lists i'd been putting together in my mind this last week?

will i really have to just sit tight and wait this one out. one day....two days? but, seriously, i have stuff to do!

cross your fingers for my good health - now i'll go dive into that box of oznei hamman cookies D brought back to me from the big! is it really already purim. (and since i never got around back then to tell you why hamman's ears are eaten around purim, here you go).

wishing you a good weekend - and month of february.

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