Friday, February 3, 2012

on the other hand

i might have complained a bit too much about rainy weather and sickness in the house. so let me take a moment to tell you that i didn't mean to bitch so much.

it's been good too. it's really green right now, and the air is fresh. plus it makes a lot of puddles and raindrops, some of these even displaying extraordinary beauty.

plus there have been a lot of fun and coziness too while the boys kept me company at home. sometimes i tend to forget all the goodness when i make a status of my day.

also, i think i might just have to fight off an ordinary cold, not fever and flue as i feared yesterday. i really need to remember and appreciate my half full cup.

wishing you a beautiful weekend weekend.


  1. Even an ordinary cold can bring one down for a moment. Everyone has their down days, don't worry. I wish you a lovely weekend too.

  2. Lovely shots! Wish you a wonderful weekend too!

  3. We all get tired of too much of the same - no need to apologize. But good for you for looking on the bright side, today. That first shot is really a great one - so unique!

  4. without bad there's no good, so you're only keeping things in harmony!

  5. beautiful photos! and we all have a half empty cup sometimes :) -- its perfectly normal, and really good when we can see that it is also half full
    hope you had a fab weekend and are well