Saturday, February 11, 2012

outside :: inside

it's been a week. which i started walking the winter beach with a friend, drinking hot chai sitting in the sand. what a perfect start.

then there was continued sickness, ending up in both little D and myself starting antibiotics. the ears, the lungs, and for me, the usual sinusitis.

there was work, plenty of rain, some sun. too much food, lots of coffee and finally setting a time with the vet, after listening to love sick cats through the nights.

and then there was today, the final day of our week. a perfect day, taking a trip down memory lane in tel aviv with the kids, while D played beach volley. we played at the old playground, passed by our old building and looked through the fence into the old kindergarten.

it's been exactly three years since we left tel aviv. pretty much half the lifetime of the twins. i'm not sure how much they really remembered, but they loved walking with me, talking about the people and places.

and then we had milkshakes and coffee under the blue sky down at the beach, passed by family on the way home and got exciting news that we'll be welcoming a new little one this summer into the family (update: that would be the extended family. as in D's younger sister and husband. i'm not pregnant ;).

afternoon in the garden, long shadows, warm light. home made bread for dinner. tired kids in pajamas, snuggling on the couch after a long bath, getting rid of all the sand.

i'm ready for a new week.


  1. beautiful light
    have a very good week!

    1. I love how so many bloggers are posting photos of a return to the light. It's been a strange winter for us in New York with very little snow and lots of warmer-than-usual temperatures. The days are getting longer and there is just a wee hint of the beginnings of spring. I honestly have mixed feelings about this. I am a hibernator by nature and I feel like we haven't had much of a chance to do that. I think a good two day snow storm would make me feel much better!! : )

      ~ Wendy