Wednesday, January 4, 2012

getting started

i was about to write about starting a new year, plans, goals and all that. but then i just couldn't get my mind around it. truth is i feel a little exhausted emotionally. not sure why, cause i really didn't have anything special happening. it's just like i'm not ready to wrap my mind around it, to put my pen to the paper of that blank page that is a new year.

but still, i'm thinking about what i want to do this year. like running a marathon. still didn't make up my mind. my mind is full of things i might want to do, but i still need to make up my mind. which is to be honest always the case. it's just very up front right now, this beginning of the year.

i'm not much of a list maker. but i'm thinking i should make a list of things to get started on, figured out or changed. this year or whenever. they say if you put it down on paper you can stop worrying and move on. and that is what i need. to move right on and get started on twenty twelve.


  1. goodness. i feel the same way. i even began a list today. then got a bit overwhelmed by how HUGE some of the things on my list seem. a step at a time. i have to remind myself.

  2. Sounds like you're being hard on yourself Trinsch. Rest, regroup, then make your lists. In the meanwhile, be gentle on yourself...your inspiration will come in time.

    Happy new year! To wonderful things and good health in 2012 - xo