Thursday, January 5, 2012

one ninja down

got a call from the kindergarten teacher. one of my ninjas went down with a fever. picked them all and put one to bed. he's still sleeping, not too hot, but he definitely needs to rest and be spoiled.

did i tell you how much i love that tiny bracelet from dear friend in denmark? well, i love it. and those japanese rice paper fish i bought in paris. love them too (and you might think they hang in one of the boys' room.... but no, they're mine).

we have weekend now. and i ran 12k, cleaned the house, worked a bit and got a new washing machine installed (meaning i'm now working my way through mount ever-laundry-rest that piled up while waiting for new machine to arrive). all before the ninja called in sick, so now i can feel good about just being there.

hope you got around to do what you planned for too


  1. I hope your ninja feels better!

    I didn't get anything done today, since my baby decided to be fussy for the first time today. I think she missed her daddy since he is back to work now. But reading about your productivity made me feel good vicariously :).

  2. what a cute ninjaboy!
    and beautiful bracelet.
    how about coffee date on monday?