Friday, January 6, 2012

outside :: inside

last night was stormy with thunder and rain. still this morning. i baked the bread and had some left-over cauliflower and leak soup for lunch. the sun came back and we went for a walk in the fields and the puddles with the boys. no ninjas on this little trip, but a spiderman and a batman. not sure what's up with the dressing up. maybe they are warming up to purim.

the sick ninja woke up from his fever sleep early evening yesterday and was all good. which was strange (high fever for 6 hours, then fresh as a fish, completely awake till we went to bed around 11pm), but awesome (well, because no sickness in the house is always awesome).

we've got two movies to choose between tonight. hangover II (yes, i really thought the first was funny. i'm that immature) and tree of life (which i'm really looking forward to - see i'm a little bit mature too).

i also asked our movie dealer for drive with ryan gosling and carey mulligan as well. that one i really look forward to see. the director is danish. in fact we went to high school together, but i can't brag that we were friends. i thought he was weird. well, he was. completely obsessed with horror and splatter movies. but i'm glad he turned his obsession into awesome film making.

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  1. lovely shots!
    how did u like 'tree of life'? I saw it last night and haven't decided yet what to think about it... :-)