Monday, January 16, 2012

likes and dislikes

i like this egg cup which i bought for myself when i was in denmark for christmas. just one, for me.

i dislike folding laundry. i just folded so much laundry you won't believe it. washing and hanging it is ok. but folding, sorting and placing it.... the worst. the guestroom has functioned as a clean-laundry piling room for two weeks. it just got bigger and bigger and more and more impossible to deal with, and we've been pulling clothes from the pile in the morning. but not anymore. oh no. i beat the pile today. which i like

i dislike that my dad is still in the hospital, but i like that he's in good spirit and hopefully will be home again very soon.


  1. The worse part for me is putting the laundry away. Sometime there is just not enough drawer space!

    Sending healing thoughts toward you and your father. Glad his spirits are up and hopefully they'll be sending him home soon. xo

  2. i dislike everything related to laundry as well!!
    i really hope your father will get better soon. sending you kisses.