Friday, January 20, 2012

at home

it's weekend. we're all home. chicken and vegetables in the oven. tulips on the table.

in denmark my dad is home too after he was released from the hospital yesterday. he's fine, but still in treatment, and has been told to consider his eating, drinking, and smoking habits, and maybe add a bit of exercise to his daily routines. basically he needs give his heart first class treatment from now on, as it seems it was getting a bit tired of his ways.

i've been eating soup like crazy. cauliflower, spinach and pumpkin. my new thing is to add avocado or egg. i always tend to like pureed vegetable soups better with something dairy. like feta, cream cheese, parmesan or yoghurt. but now i discovered that a chopped avocado or an egg that i "poach" in the soup by the end gives the same kind of richness and flavor that i like. and since right now is avocado season and the markets are full of the loveliest avocados, there's no end in sight for this new favorite of mine.

sometimes i'm even lucky enough to find a newly fallen, ripe avocado when i pass through the nearby avocado orchard when i run. that's one of those times when i love to live right here, in the middle of farmland. especially when it's served on the pumpkin soup made from next door neighbor's pumpkin.

wishing you a lovely weekend.


  1. Good to hear your dad is fine. The soup sounds lovely, I never thought of adding some avocado. I wish you a wonderful weekend as well.

  2. it must have been stressful for you and your family.
    i hope everything will go for the best!

  3. Glad your dad is home now...

    Enjoy your soups, they sound delicious and healthy!

  4. Hope you're dad is home now - I love to 'poach' a raw egg in my hot soup, but I like the cheese version too! I must try your avocado recipe now :)