Tuesday, January 24, 2012

these days

:: are passing way too fast. i don't seem to get around to do half the stuff i'm planning to do, nor see any of the folks i'd love to spent some time with.

:: i feel behind with everything and occasionally it makes me lose my mental breath. and i really don't like when that ms. hyde of mine.

:: i have been sending birthday wishes and lots of thoughts to my younger brother. he's so creative and talented. now is his time.

:: are quite cold. the other day it was 3 degrees celsius in the morning and there's snow in the north. that's cold in these parts of the world.

:: i am eating comfort food all the time. warm and spicy. and drinking lots of chai.

:: the kitchen is full of lovely spices after i discovered this amazing little spice shop last week.

:: i am full of hope that the old man back home will stay on a healthy path and quit smoking (yes, i'm talking about you dad, if you're reading this ;)

:: i am waiting for the lemons to get really juicy on the trees in the garden so i can try makinge lemon curd for the first time.

:: it's raining most days. which is good for the garden and pretty much the whole region i live in. still, it's getting a bit too much if i may be a bit selfish for a moment... no?

:: i long for a good book that can get me all caught up. i seem to lose my patience with most books i begin reading these days.

:: the strawberries are a dream. seriously. there's a place close by where you can choose from four different sorts. we of course choose the sweetest of them all. and then they go pick them right there while you wait.

:: the news are bothering me more than usual. this part of the world is such a crazy place. why... how... on earth did i end up here?!

:: this blog is probably entering a phase of less regular posting, and blog reading in general will be less frequent.

:: i still dream about running that marathon in 2012.


  1. These types of days can be tiring, I know... I've had them too lately. I'm sure once the sun starts to come out a bit more, there will also be a more relaxed feeling in the air and also in the people. Not sure it's a very good thing to recommend but I'm re-reading the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. You should create a training plan for your marathon today. Fit it into your schedule.... by the way, I always enjoy reading your posts.

  2. i hope you will keep on posting; because even if I don't comment every time, i love reading you!

  3. dear trinsch,
    i loved reading about your days. i'm really really happy that your father is back home! i'm very jealous as well about the strawberries, seems not to be possible to find a place here in madrid where they taste good and i don't like that. and when i think about lemon trees in your garden it reminds me of a israeli movie i watched and loved, its called "Etz Limon" about a palestinian woman with a garden with lemon trees and her israeli neighbours. maybe you have watched it? i also worry about the news in that part of the world.
    love as well the smell of spices of your kitchen. and i do wonder how did you end up living there? i'm very curious.
    your husband's family is from morocco?? from where?? i have been three times there, in the north, the east, and the south, and i'm in love with this country, i try to go back as much as i can. i hope you will go there one day too.
    i'm always very happy to read your posts. even if they come less often i'll keep waiting for them.