Tuesday, February 14, 2012

february tlv beach

a saturday in february at the beach in tlv. full of contrasts. swimmers, shorts and sun bathers side by side with winter coats, woolen hats and cafe goers wrapped up in blankets.

and then of course contrasts of sand covered smiles and beach monsters rolling in the sand.

D played beach volley, we had milk shake coffee and walked down memory lane, as i mentioned the other day. it's been three years since we moved out of tel aviv, and i still miss a lot of things. it's a great city, it's got an amazing beach, and we lived right next door. who wouldn't miss that?!

the photos up there: i love how the surfers look like seals while waiting for a wave. and i love the view towards jaffo.

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  1. The beach looks enticing, especially on a grey day like here. Happy Valentine's Day.