Monday, March 12, 2012

kids and costumes

we had purim last week. the kids dressed up, but this mom never got any photos of the tiger, ben10 or harry potter. blame it on the rain.

ok, it wasn't raining that day. it was beautiful and not too hot. we've had some purims with temperatures making the face paint disappear in sweat and costumes impossible to keep on. but this time it was perfect, besides the littlest one getting cold feet the morning of the purim dress-up party in the kindergarten and not feeling harry potter-ish at all. oh well, i didn't sit up half the night making it only to have him shake his pretty little face. like i did that one year where N wanted to be a pirate, so i made him a costume. it was awesome, despite being finished only in the early morning hours the night before. and then he didn't want to dress up.

i must admit i wasn't very adult about that.

anyway, harry p was a store bought robe. ben 10 we already had, but that was what the child wanted. and the tiger was an old costume too. i even tried to get him to change his mind on this, but he insisted to wear the 3 year old tiger costume that is way too small for him.

he looked weird, but he was happy.

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