Saturday, March 10, 2012

the return

after a break i am back. and after a long wet and - for middle eastern standards - cold winter, spring is back.

my mom arrived almost a week ago, and she seem to have brought the good weather. this weekend we've spent most of our time outside. breakfast, lunch and just plain hanging in the garden.

believe it or not, we're still not completely over the sickness. this week the littlest has been sick. again. he's been so sick with fever on and off for the last two months, so this time we took him for a blood test. and everything was fine. so guess he's just been picking every little infection up he could this winter.

J is down today. he woke in the night with ear pain and seems to be a little hot too. but with the sun shining, and the option to rest with blankets outside, it's just much better.

hope you've been enjoying the weekend too. with or without spring in the air.

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