Monday, February 27, 2012

lessons learned

here, still around. so, inspired by our health for the past month few i'll share a few things i learned the hard way this winter:

::  israeli houses are even worse than i'd ever thought. they just cannot warm up to cozy.

:: i must have sinusitis at least once every winter.

:: i get depressed in that existentialist teenage weltschmerts way when i'm sleepdeprived.

:: a house with dustballs flying in the air whenever someone moves doesn't help on that weltschmerts thing.

:: that marathon i thought would happen seem to fade into the horizon. and i'm not sure life lets me run that far anytime soon.

:: how important it is to remember why i really got into running in the first place last summer.

:: i will never ever again entertain anyone with how great it is that my kids are now so old that it's not so bad with sickness and colds in the winter. saying that will have fate haunt me down and turn our house in to a pest nest for (what feels like) years of ungoing sickness.

:: and should we have a break of one week or so in this ongoing sickness, i will not say to anyone that i am so relieved we finally made it to the other side. because then i'll have to wake up in the morning with a fever just like those you have when you're a kid, where you can't move, eat or sleep. not even feeling too bad, because your almost numb.

after one day i was kind of ok, and now after a few days i'm better. but i won't say it's over. i think i've learned a lesson or two by now. but i will apologize for being so sour in this post.


  1. ebbs and flows, doesn't it? sounds like you're due some flow. here's to feeling better.

  2. ay ay ay...
    i really hope you will all feel better soon, and that spring will come along.
    take care until then. rest well.

  3. That's just life...I love your honesty. I had to learn those lessons long ago. I am grateful...but never too loudly. I'm glad you're all getting better. Here's to good health and cozy spaces. :)