Monday, April 9, 2012

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beets and sage in bloom - both from the garden.

it's been quiet from me. it's pesach here and easter elsewhere. D's of work and so are the kids. i'm going in tomorrow, but besides from that we've enjoyed being at home and at the beach. yes! at the beach! it's summer. or technically spring. doesn't matter. the house is warm, we're walking barefoot, got out the swim and beach gear, and some (not me!) are even swimming in the ocean again.

went to tlv the other day. D played beach volley and i had brunch with the boys at the beach cafe. then, as i was paying the bill, N had to go to the bathroom fast. and in the midst of packing all our stuff and getting the kids together i forgot to get the receipt back. and with that my credit card. this is the third time i've cancelled and ordered a new card in a year. actually four. i also cancelled my danish credit card one of the times. seriously. is it possible to live without credit cards in this world today? cause i am really considering that. just seems like i'm not fit for it. most annoying thing is, i'm sure it's there at that cafe, but they can't find it. last time i lost my wallet i closed the card and the next morning they called from the train station where's i'd left it while buying a bottle of water. i just walked out of there. to be honest, i lost it one more time, but that time i got it back before cancelling. again, i left it in a cafe with the receipt.

but at least D was cool about it. he's gotten really irritated in the past, but yesterday he wasn't too bad. annoyed, but keeping it to himself. or maybe he's just accepting that he'll just have to get used to it.

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  1. perhaps your thoughts are elsewhere?
    i see that with myself lately, i am not in focus, and then i tend to do the weirdest things.

    id like to live without a credit card. or at least without a bank, unless it was one of those ethical banks like triodos.
    just thinking about where my money goes gives me a bad conscious.

    the lilac is blossoming here! wow!