Monday, May 28, 2012

a look on the inside

a couple of weeks back we had an afternoon snack session in the garden. with some books.

for a few years the overall book of choice, the book that the kids have returned to over and over again, has been an animal encyclopedia. it is literally falling apart. the front and back covers are long gone and the pages have been taped and reattached several times. It’s been going along to the kindergarten, the beach, on plane rides and on car trips.

lately other fact books have turned into favorites. such as a book about the human body. things like how we detect smells, the layers of skin, how the muscles are build, how the lungs work, the heart pumps, and the fact that there's a spiraling "snail" inside the ear. i tell you, this is gold to know, read and talk about.

all this stuff on the inside is so fascinating (yes, it is!) that it has to be reexamined through drawings. of muscles, blood veins, the heart, the brain, eye balls, you name it. oh, and of course - and as as you might have noticed already - a stomach full of bowels and food inside those bowels (proudly displayed by daniel in the second photo in case you wondered).

bonus info: that black spot in the lower left corner of the stomach is a schnitzel bite.


  1. oh short short summer hair!
    lovely posts again.
    i am getting behind without my own computer. means living more in my real life though....

    about the performance,
    if you want to come, let me know and i will save you tickets!
    are you planning to go with someone?


    1. yes, short summer hair. it's a tiny bit longer by now. and he needed it. had a weird michal boltonish thing going. but then his older brother insisted to have a machine cut too. i didn't want to be the one standing in his way, but it was almost painful to cut off his long hair. *sigh*