Wednesday, May 23, 2012

something about light

yesterday around bedtime i heard myself tell the kids that yes, they'd have to go to bed soon even if it was still light outside. because in the summer the day continues into the night.... seriously?
luckily they didn't ask me what exactly that's supposed to mean. or see how i rolled my eyes at myself.

we'll be going to denmark this summer. as usual. they'll just have to get used to days going well into the night. i love the long, light summer nights of denmark. i'd like to go even further north one day and try those summer days that last all through the night.

here's to summer light.


  1. we got our first glimpse of summer light tonight.

  2. i love everything about the light. especially the different shades. like your photos so much. and also your words. one of my super favorite quotes about light is from leonard cohen:

    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That's how the light gets in.

    big hug from zurich*

  3. summer light is perfect and so is this picture.