Monday, October 29, 2012

thoughts after reading the news

can i just be absolutely blunt today? i'll take that as a yes....

there are so many good people in this country, so much greatness and amazing cultures clashing in the good way, people from all over the world. i mean, just the food here....

and then there's so much bad stuff going on. it angers me how much energy, money and time is wasted on conflict and struggle, but it's the waste of lives and opportunities that saddens me to the core of my soul. some days it just make me want to pack up my family and leave.

it kills me to know that in the upcoming elections here in israel i might find the ultimate evidence that there really is no will to even try and find a way. not in the knesset, nor among the majority of the people. away from the hatred and the status quo.


with that i will leave you with a selection of calm and quiet images. and probably return to my non political reporting from the countryside. (i literally made a big sigh as i wrote that. *sigh*)

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