Tuesday, October 30, 2012

positioned for art

looked through old photos because i don't have anything else to do. except maybe i could have cleaned up this mess we call home or done some actual working of the kind that pays bills. but no. why would i do such a thing when i can look at photos, like these from aRos - the art museum in aarhus, denmark.

i then realized the littlest guy had gone through the museum and taken this position every time he stopped to take a closer look. if you didn't know better you'd actually think he was a quiet and silent boy. he's not. he's sweet, but in a loud, clear and fast-moving way.

by the way, the piece in the middle was quite in-your-face. can't remember the artist, but i do remember how the boys were equally intrigued and disgusted. and how i was trying to talk a bit of child sense into it. i am pretty sure i didn't succeed.

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