Wednesday, October 31, 2012

about the mess and finding peace

i'm in tlv for work today. parents in law will greet the children as they return home from school. i left a mess behind this morning. a mess of laundry piles, breakfast leftovers and, you know, the mess og family life in general. and it's pretty dirty too that home of ours. i'm trying to not care about what they think....and if i know them right they probably don't care (but still i'd like to think i don't live in a mess. or at least that no one else thinks i live in a mess. even if i do :)

anyway. there's construction work going on right next to the office. they've been drilling non-stop for hours. meaning i am taking more mental breaks than usual looking at peaceful images with mumford & sons' babel through the ear phone. which, by the way is the soundtrack of my life these days. listening all the time and loving it!

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