Sunday, November 4, 2012


7 days ago the twins turned 7. wow! seven years ago they were born. it was quite a surprise 6 weeks early. Noam 1.5 kilo and Jonathan 2 kilo. so tiny they were.

i won't say i don't remember life before kids. i do. there was quite a before and after children in our case, starting out with premature twins and adding Daniel to the crowd 19 month later. we had quite an intense beginning.

it's still intense, but in a different way. sometimes it feels easier, other times it feels so much more like a challenge. when they were younger the hard part was - put simple - logistics and the physical hard work. Today it's the back and forth, the long term consequences, the future, the first steps towards letting go, taking a deep breath and hoping they'll be ok out there. in school, with friends, in life.

oh, and then there's that really hard part where you have to accept that their idea of a fun birthday is spending the day in an amusement park. sigh. can you see how much fun i'm having to take that ride with the 5 year old who couldn't do it on his own. double sigh.


  1. Always so well written and moving.

  2. happy bday to your boys!
    hahaha, i love that photo, so you are not a fan of amusement parks?!
    so i understand you are working in the big city again?
    how is it? are you in denmark in december?


  3. @isabelle: thank you.
    @sara: well, i don't hate them, but i could think of places i'd rather spent a day ;) yes, going to dk, but middle of december (chanukkah) not at xmas. kids in school now and so we need to consider the time off :)