Monday, November 12, 2012

golden moments :: instagram selection

it's been raining heavily for three days. and i love it. there are breaks now and then with the sun out and a bit of blue sky. a reminder that the rain will not last and we'll have the sun back soon enough.

but i can actually wear something remotely similar to winter clothes and drink tea and make soup without feeling like a hopelessly homesick scandinavian girl. i ALWAYS start missing the change of season in october. it's like my body craves wool and soup, and my mind the darkness and the leaves falling. i know. i'd have a hard time dealing with 4-5 months og long dark winter in scandinavia, but i still miss it.

and now we have it. and i've had pumpkin soup and chai tea. and woolen socks on inside the house. and my winter boots are out. that is the mediterranean version: my favorite clog boots from sweedish hasbeens.... oh, how i've missed you.

the above is from the instagram feed, again. golden moments @trinsch to celebrate the fall.

wishing you a golden week!

:: tel avis at sunset :: passion fruit from the garden :: pumpkin harvest from our next door neighbor, the pumpkin farmer :: me and my phone ::

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  1. hello trisch,
    i need to thank you for the little dragon link.
    didn't know them and i am in love now!!!
    your blog is a wonderful place too!
    enjoy the autumn "fake" weather,
    julia, from the north, sadly not scandinavian north...