Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the fishermen's village

it was only us in the fishermen's village the other day. there was win and waves and the little place that sells fresh fish, fried or deepfried, was closed. the boats were anchored near the shore, rocking wild in the white.

it's not really a village, we just call it that. there are some trailers and couches outside, their gear and that place that sells the fish, ice cream and drinks.

i like this place.


  1. hey,
    here we are again. another war.
    i do not know what to say. sadness and frustration.

    where is this village?
    and yes, i feel like that homesick scandinavian girl too!


  2. hi sara, it's near givat olga, cesaria. i wrote to you on the blog. xo trine