Thursday, January 31, 2013

bits and pieces

weekend coming up. we'll be home. it's pouring down and really cold. i'm baking bread and there'll be something warm and comforting for dinner. besides the food i'm planning to treat myself to some movie entertainment.

i watched moonrise kingdom the other night. it was beautiful, aesthetically, and i loved the references to 60s gothic movies. that said, i must admit i was a bit bored from time to time. too much form, too little content for me. we also watched argo and i liked it. great story - and i'm old enough to get amused with flashbacks to those brown seventies. beast of the southern wild is in the pipeline, and i know we have a few more good movies stashed on the harddrive, so yes, i'm ready and prepared for the rainy days ahead

oh, and we got he first couple of seasons of breaking bad on dvd. i've heard by the water cooler that it's really addictive. this weekend's weather report will probably have us dig into that too.


  1. so i missed wintery days here?
    hope they will stay a bit longer.
    it sounds like it is crzy at your place.
    i am here again.


  2. Your photographs have a gorgeous look. They are somehow soothing.