Wednesday, February 27, 2013

love. life. and all the rest.

we have summer days and my parents are visiting. the kids are happy and we've painted a few rooms. and then we got a wood oven for those cold winter days. they still here, even though a couple of days with 25+ degrees make them feel far away.

i hardly spent much time on the internet. meaning i don't really blog (except, i am. now). i don't take many "real" photos with the big camera. i post on instagram and i guess in some ways it serves the same purpose blogging does. the sharing of thought, following up on bits and pieces.

but i miss this too. like i miss reading those books i have been meaning to read and those movies i have waiting for me to watch. for some reason my days just seem to fly buy without much time to get caught up in blogging, reading or watching.

and i try to embrace that. it's a phase in life, right now. and other things are filling my time and making me tired by the end of the day.

love. life. and all the rest.


1 comment:

  1. hmmmm i know what you mean!
    feel the same very often lately. blogging is simply less relevant somehow.

    two days of springish summer and now it is quite cold again, at least here!

    so sweet to have your parents around, i miss mine.

    love and hugs