Wednesday, March 24, 2010

kreativ blog award

a long time ago i received the kreativ blog award from natsumi of the always beautiful blog natsumi nishizumi.

so, here's seven things about me, right now:

:: i am really excited about some old bed sheets i got from D's mom. still didn't decide what to make.

:: i'm in the middle of eat, pray, love, but i am not feeling so inspired right now. i think it might be because i'm jealous of the enormous amount of time this woman has to just explore herself, search for peace of mind. (maybe i need to look into that 10th commandment...)

:: i went to photograph poppies in our front yard the other day and found a big thyme growing in the middle of everything. what a sweet surprise.

:: i have been slowing down on the blogging, and especially on visiting/commenting on other blogs. i will catch up at some point, but it's been a busy time and a new season. (so i began a huge spring cleaning session to get rid of dirt, dust and spiderwebs, but most importantly, all the clutter and the stuff we don't use anymore: goodwill here i come...)

::  i have lived here in this house just over a year, and the sun setting behind our house never seizes to amaze me. i wonder if it ever will...

:: i am so excited about a print i got from the talented aris of the inspiring blog peekadoo. it's just waiting for my spring cleaning to be done with - and then it will get a good spot to hang.

:: i think pitanga might be the most beautiful little fruit i ever saw. that color, that shape. and i only saw it for the first time when i moved to this house. i am not too crazy about the taste, though, but might give it a go with some jam.


i am not going to award anyone, since i have a feeling that everyone already got tagged on this. but if you didn't or if you just didn't get around to it yet, then please play along. for those of you that are just dying to know more about me (common, you know you want to :), there's more like this right here and here.

i am also not going to participate in today's corner view (see thing #4 up there), but i might catch up on the "typical architecture" later.

have a sweet day


  1. wishing you a happy day with some extra time...
    kids seem to eat all time all the time...
    maybe ONE day....
    you will have more time for/to yourself.
    today is my day off. just brought them to their sweet 'nanny'!
    tjoooohooo freeedom! for 5 hours! ;D


  2. you know, I thought it was tomatoe in this last photo... I really need to get out more!

    and if it's the sunset behind your house perfectly captured in that first photo then I don't think I would ever be able to get bored with it myself! lucky you!

  3. I love all the red poppies. What lovely photos!

  4. Poppies are my favorite. Take care. xxooT

  5. Hi Trinsch,
    Something about the photos and the words about you have touched me...It feels so open and beautiful...Thank you for sharing your seven things.
    The idea of finding "thyme" amongst Poppies...Breathtaking. Almost something to begin a faerie tale with...

  6. oh and the first photo is stunning!

  7. Reading your list of 7 was wonderful and I think you have a beautiful balance with all things going on in your life. Very admirable. Beautiful photos especially that light coming through in the top one!

  8. The glowing first photo is perfect and I would love to have thyme in my poppies...which aren't blooming just yet, but after seeing yours, I am so looking forward to it. The pitanga is new to me...looks like a tiny red pepper.

  9. is that first photo the sun setting behind your house? It's beautiful as are the poppies, I know I say it all of the time but I love coming here you create such calm, such peace.

  10. Never heard about a pitanga fruit(?) before! I love the red tomato colour of it! Love your 7 things too, so real and 'in the
    moment' :-)