Sunday, November 28, 2010

neve tsedek :: yaffo

the day my friend left we went to neve tsedek for brunch. that's me right up there. i'm all over the place with portraits of moi these days, but this one i really liked. my friend took it and i love that you see her reflected in the glasses. and i love the sunflares and how the direct sunlight makes everything on the left side all soft. and it was a good meal too :)

then we strolled to yaffo for the fleamarket before i took her to the airport. in yaffo i found some really cheap type setter trays, and so i bought one as a birthday gift and another for myself. i found them in a shop with old wooden stuff all over the place. pretty much my idea of heaven.

and then there was this other shop. new stuff, made of discarded industrial wood. awesome stuff. like this plate shelf. the plates was instant love too. the texts are in hebrew and says "with love", "feel at home", bon appetit" etc.

it's still summer around here. but the nights are getting quite cold, so i've been digging for the woolen stuff. finally.

wishing you a beautiful first advent and a wonderful week.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2 x love

back in the spring i received the magnum magnum book with stunning photographs from many decades. these two are among my favorites. one because it's just such an amzing mix of texture, pattern and shapes. the other because it's a just pure magic, yet so sad.

my dad is here these days, which is really nice. the evenings are colder, but during the day it's very hard to imagibe we're closing in on december and chauka. not to mention christmas. did i tell you i'll be going to denmark for christmas this year? well, i am :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

still at the beach

these two are mad about the ocean. fishing, swimming, diving, just being there.

and yes, we're still stuck on summer. i know i'll miss it when it's gone, but right now i'm more than ready for some fall, some cold and rain. please.

until that happens we'll just have to do our best to enjoy the beach. ok, it doesn't take that much of an effort, but still...

anyway, this was just a quick popping in to let you know i'm still here. have a wonderful week :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

strange shapes

i think i mentioned her before, but i'll do it again. i just love the art of aris of peekadoo. i have one of her prints and i am so happy for it. she's making these amazing portraits if people and relations. last week i saw this post, and i loved the shapes. they reminded me of organic beauty and the constant transformation in nature. or something.

i had a wonderful birthday, thank you very much :) i must admit, though, that the hectic level of life these days got the best of me. we went out for dinner. D, my good friend, S, visiting from denmark and i. to my favorite restaurant in tel aviv. i had a strawberry daquiri and then, after our starters, i was literally falling asleep at the table. you know that feeling you have if you watch a movie late at night and you just cannot keep your eyes open? that was me, at the table, in my favorite restaurant. i looked like i had been drugged (i was told), as i drifted away, with closed eyes, now and then. i had no clue i was that tired, and i didn't realize it until i sat down and had a drink.

that said, i'm off to bed. have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

corner view - autumn

autumn this year is, well, summer. it's hot, we still go to the beach and we wear flip flops. but the autumn feel is still here. the days are shorter and the sunsets early and pinkish, the air is dry, making the nights colder (and much more comfortable to sleep in). and the garden changes. right now we're having olives, and for the first time we have actually collected and prepared some. the above is one way we have tried. leaving them to dry in the sun for just 10 days or so, covered in salt. then clean them, put them in jars and add some olive oil. they are good! and for me, a northern girl, it's absolutely exciting to eat my own olives.

autumn also means birthday. today i turned 39. how do i feel? surprised. how did that happen? and grateful, because my friend is here this week, celebrating with me and giving me these sweet ice blue porcelain star ear rings.

for more corner views, visit the sweet theresa.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

good stuff

i now have a laptop. i never had that. weird, i know, considering i have worked in hi-tech and internet for so long. which might be the reason, since a) i was really tired of sitting in front of a computer by the time i got home, and b) i work laptops (not the cool one though, it seems to me that marketing people often end up with the crappy old ones, because the business and product people need the newer, cooler and better ones. or maybe i was just unlucky).

anyway, i now have my very own. and as i was putting in some photos from the summer and fall, i found these. from the market in jerusalem back in august. and i thought they were funny.

wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of fun.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

corner view - famous

they are back, our famous pecans. strictly speaking they are our neighbor's, i must admit. but this tree just gives so many, it's unbelievable.

they owe their fame to this yummy pie, which i am planning to make this weekend. my friend from denmark will arrive this friday, and i think a pie is just in place.

but first i must tend to 2/3 of my little ones. we have fever and flue in the house, so far only two and i am crossing my fingers it'll stay with that. luckily the weather is lovely these days, and so we could go outside and get some fresh air, while resting in the shade.

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