Wednesday, October 31, 2012

about the mess and finding peace

i'm in tlv for work today. parents in law will greet the children as they return home from school. i left a mess behind this morning. a mess of laundry piles, breakfast leftovers and, you know, the mess og family life in general. and it's pretty dirty too that home of ours. i'm trying to not care about what they think....and if i know them right they probably don't care (but still i'd like to think i don't live in a mess. or at least that no one else thinks i live in a mess. even if i do :)

anyway. there's construction work going on right next to the office. they've been drilling non-stop for hours. meaning i am taking more mental breaks than usual looking at peaceful images with mumford & sons' babel through the ear phone. which, by the way is the soundtrack of my life these days. listening all the time and loving it!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

positioned for art

looked through old photos because i don't have anything else to do. except maybe i could have cleaned up this mess we call home or done some actual working of the kind that pays bills. but no. why would i do such a thing when i can look at photos, like these from aRos - the art museum in aarhus, denmark.

i then realized the littlest guy had gone through the museum and taken this position every time he stopped to take a closer look. if you didn't know better you'd actually think he was a quiet and silent boy. he's not. he's sweet, but in a loud, clear and fast-moving way.

by the way, the piece in the middle was quite in-your-face. can't remember the artist, but i do remember how the boys were equally intrigued and disgusted. and how i was trying to talk a bit of child sense into it. i am pretty sure i didn't succeed.

Monday, October 29, 2012

thoughts after reading the news

can i just be absolutely blunt today? i'll take that as a yes....

there are so many good people in this country, so much greatness and amazing cultures clashing in the good way, people from all over the world. i mean, just the food here....

and then there's so much bad stuff going on. it angers me how much energy, money and time is wasted on conflict and struggle, but it's the waste of lives and opportunities that saddens me to the core of my soul. some days it just make me want to pack up my family and leave.

it kills me to know that in the upcoming elections here in israel i might find the ultimate evidence that there really is no will to even try and find a way. not in the knesset, nor among the majority of the people. away from the hatred and the status quo.


with that i will leave you with a selection of calm and quiet images. and probably return to my non political reporting from the countryside. (i literally made a big sigh as i wrote that. *sigh*)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

silently passing by

the other day we had to stop the car and get out to watch. first i thought it was storks (posted that to instagram too. oops), but after a closer look i believe it was cranes. anyway. what a sight! absolutely stunning as they floated on the sky above our heads, silently. they came in smaller groups, but there were hundreds of them. what a choreography.

thank you, for passing by.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

randomly selected

images from denmark this summer and a few things on my mind.

:: we have birthdays coming up and the weather is changing.

:: the other night there was thunder and clouds, but only a few drops of rain. i think it'll come today, though. i hope.

:: i've looked forward to the change of season, the colder days, the clouds and the rain. but then today there's the tennis clas of the kids in the afternoon and a birthday in the weekend

:: oh well. we'll take it as it comes.

:: yay! maybe i'll even get to wear some long sleeves and socks again :)

:: i've got laundry outside, better get it inside.

:: i need to take more photos with the camera if this is not to turn entirely into trips down memory lane. pretty much only shooting with iphone these days.

:: i'm @trinsch on instagram.

:: i really need to get some work done!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

colors of fall

september and october. the colors are warm, changing. i love this season. what is it with the sky these days.... the afternoon and sunset tones, the light. it's breathtaking. and we sleep so well too as the night have gotten colder.

we had friends visiting from denmark and ended the last holidays. been to a couple of weddings and soon we'll have some birthday celebration to do.

tomorrow a new week will begin.

Monday, October 1, 2012

the last of summer

we're celebrating one holiday after the other these days. it's that time of the year. yom kippur, rosh hashana and sukkot. the children are off school (didn't we just get started?!) and we're off work half the time too.

this week we went beach camping. it was lovely. the weather has changed, the evenings not so hot as the used to be and on our last day we even had clouds and raindrops. wouldn't call it rain, but still, it's a sign. summer is soon behind us. even if it will never be that autumn i know from back home, it is still autumn - middle eastern style.

life is still busy. i'm beginning to think it might not just be a couple of days, a week or the next month. this is it. probably it was before too. you make time for what's important.

wishing you a lovely october.