Tuesday, April 30, 2013

another summer, another beach

about a month ago we had one of our first visits to the beach. we went to a beach we only visited once before. it's a 30 minute drive, half of the time through tiny, bumpy roads between fish dams. and then you walk for a bit to get to the actual beach.

it's a great place. there are rocks closing up the tiny beach bay, make it a little pool. and the rocks themselves are fun to climb, full of shells and crabs. except kind of painful in bare feet.

we went there again when my friend visited. that time around we remembered to bring some wet shoes.

Friday, April 26, 2013

one month and then some

it's been over a month. i cannot believe it. times really does fly. we've had visitors, vacation, hot summer days, then a big drop in temperatures and now for the past few days it's back to warmer weather. i didn't realize how much i missed that.

my mom left in the end of march, a weeks after my dad. it was good to have them here. we already miss them very much. to be honest, we always miss not having them a phone call away. but the good thing is that they visit often and when they are here we get them 24/7 which has made the children very close to them. i appreciate that so much.

a week later we had my childhood friend visiting with her two sons. that was great. visitors are the best - we love having people in the house. as in really love it. the life, the laughter, the extra energy.

right these days it's lag ba'omer. which is a celebrating in judaism that includes lots of bonfires. we've had bonfires with people in the garden twice and went out for another yesterday. tomorrow we'll be heading out for a bbq with friends as well.

we've also filled the house with cuteness. we have had lots of eggs from the chickens in the incubator and as of right now we have something like 28 little chicks in a special little chick-coop. two more are hatching as we speak. it is the most amazing thing and i should be sharing photos. i will. for now i've put a few on instagram - @trinsch. last year i did a much better job documenting the hatching and the cuteness with the big camera.

the garden is doing really well. i've have so much mangold that last couple of months. and that's a good thing.
the artichokes i planted more than two years ago finally got around to actually give us artichoke. i will eat the biggest tomorrow before it turns in to an actual flower. even though i am a bit curious to see an artichoke flower. we have salad, cucumber, tomato, green peas, corn, beets and we're trying out egg plant for the first time. the mint is coming back big time after the winter, and the tarragon and the parsley as well.

we've been drinking homemade limonana. lemon is limon in hebrew, mint is nana, alas, limonana around here. it's good. but seriously. we need to add so much sugar to make it good. and it's not even that sweet. which makes me scared to think how much sugar is added into store-bought lemonade sweeter than our. more than you want to know.

that's pretty much the last month. or at least some of it. some fragments, really.

i feel a bit like catching up with an old friend. lots of stuff going on, things to consider, thoughts we're having, plans to move on with, but not so much time to get the details. next time.