Sunday, July 31, 2011

summer in denmark

well, this seems to capture our days pretty well. ok, we're not really walking around in yellow fields now as we are in surburbian copenhagen.but doesn't it just say vacation and sweet nordic summer, with heavy clouds and sun? constantly changing. right behind this field is the blue ocean.

today we were sitting in the garden. it was hot and humid. suddenly the rain started, heavy drops and almost tropical. we ran in, the kids ran out in bathing suits.  

how's your summer? 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

on the move

monday D will arrive. for now it's just me and the boys. they've been good travel companions (most of the time) - on the flight, on the boat of friends and on the tiny ferry that took us and the car from roervig to hundested as we were visiting friends in the north of zealand.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

this is not what i see

as in no beach, kids in swim wear or sunsets. no sun at all, in fact. it's pretty much been raining gently - and less gently - ever since we arrived wednesday. for now it's ok. a welcome change from the midle eastern heat and humidity. and i have been seeing family and friends, so no complaints.

hope you're enjoying your summer, rain or sun, warm or cold.


what happened in oslo is so sad. it will never make sense. i don't know what to say, but i'm sorry. for everyone.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

they are back

tough 'n tattooed. just like the weight-lifting smurf.

for some reason the smurfs are back. weird how these marketing people manage to find their way into our lives. suddenly you realize that your kids know the smurfs. i thought they died out back in the 80s. apparently a new movie is soon out and the kids pick up on this stuff.

i'm packing. or, rather, i should be packing. tomorrow we're off. my mom still has a big box of my smurf gear from back in the days. then i get to feel we beat that big ol' material world just a tiny bit: see we'll be recycling my old toys and - try to - stay away from all your new merchandized smurf stuff.

thanks for the welcome backs comments. it's good to be here again.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

it's been a while

i think i'm back. the back-to-work adventure came to an end last month. we simply couldn't handle it as a family. even if everything was arranged, with afternoon nanny a couple of times a week, helpful grandparents and a wonderful woman to clean the house for us. maybe we just didn't try it long enough, maybe we would have gotten used to it. but after four month of coming home late afternoon or early evenings and rushing through the end-of-day routines with three kids, hungry for attention and craving to be seen, we had enough. all of us, really.

so for the past three weeks i've been making up. giving the kids days off, one at a time. to have some alone time with each. and short days in the kindergarten to all. in three days we'll be going to denmark for the summer. where the rumors say the weather is nasty cold and rainy. which means we've been working on an overdose of sun, beach and heat. the heat doesn't take much of an effort, though. it's here, 24/7, sticking to us with air humidity in the 70 plus percentages. luckily we have the pool in the moshav and the beach.