Wednesday, February 23, 2011

still after silence

i have been silent for a while. time flies. weather constantly changing. this is what is happening.

:: i'm starting work next week. big changes coming up.

:: one change is that we hired a lovely lady to clean our house every week. she started yesterday, and since i'm not working yet it was kind of strange to have someone else go nuts with the soap in my dirty kitchen drawers (yup, she went through everything) while i ran errands. ok, honestly, it was strange, but mostly it was awesome to return home.

:: especially because i've been sorting everything in the past few weeks. our clothes, toys and kitchen ware, and washed every pillow case, throw, blanket and basically everything that could fit into the washing machine. this house is so organized and clean you almost feel you should be whispering not to disturb it. luckily my boys will make it feel like home before i can whisper 'take your muddy shoes off before you come in'.

:: plus i had my last exam of the semester. thought i better finish what i could, since i spent an intense semester (and money) studying for an english teaching degree. before i decided to drop out, because, really, i'm not going to be a teacher (for a whole lot of reasons that i will spare you).

:: but all that time i didn't spent blogging and commenting was not only used sorting and organizing. i've watched movies too, and finally got around to check out the 'mad men'. and watched 'the kids are all right' the other day. which i loved (even if i did feel terribly sad for mark ruffalo's character. i know i'm not objective here, since i have a celebrity crush on this guy, but still, does he really deserve them to be so hard on him...?)

:: also, i didn't photograph much lately, but those i did take seem to show very well where i'm at right now. taking in the quiet days at home, in the still, before the boys get home. it'll be different now. i hope we'll like it. but at least it will be a lot cleaner :)

hope you're enjoying your week.

ps: aren't the new chicks adorable?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

looking far

spring days make everything look brigther. spring days just are that much brigther. it was a good weekend. getting our hands dirty, walking, resting, painting, playing, looking far ahead, noticing the green, the little things.

we bought some new little chicks. tiny ones and at the moment living in a one of these boxes on the porch under a warming lamp. they are so cute you cannot believe it.

Monday, February 7, 2011


time is passing fast, and yet, it feels like i'm stuck somewhere in between. it's one of those days. it's been for a while. what can i say.

we've been through a lot of sickness. from one to the next, nothing serious, but not really letting go. it makes me feel tired and out of sync. i just hung the laundry and then it started raining. it's been raining a lot. everything is green and lush, a fresh start. i'd like that.