Monday, February 27, 2012

lessons learned

here, still around. so, inspired by our health for the past month few i'll share a few things i learned the hard way this winter:

::  israeli houses are even worse than i'd ever thought. they just cannot warm up to cozy.

:: i must have sinusitis at least once every winter.

:: i get depressed in that existentialist teenage weltschmerts way when i'm sleepdeprived.

:: a house with dustballs flying in the air whenever someone moves doesn't help on that weltschmerts thing.

:: that marathon i thought would happen seem to fade into the horizon. and i'm not sure life lets me run that far anytime soon.

:: how important it is to remember why i really got into running in the first place last summer.

:: i will never ever again entertain anyone with how great it is that my kids are now so old that it's not so bad with sickness and colds in the winter. saying that will have fate haunt me down and turn our house in to a pest nest for (what feels like) years of ungoing sickness.

:: and should we have a break of one week or so in this ongoing sickness, i will not say to anyone that i am so relieved we finally made it to the other side. because then i'll have to wake up in the morning with a fever just like those you have when you're a kid, where you can't move, eat or sleep. not even feeling too bad, because your almost numb.

after one day i was kind of ok, and now after a few days i'm better. but i won't say it's over. i think i've learned a lesson or two by now. but i will apologize for being so sour in this post.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

feeling the storm

the storm wasn't too bad this morning, so we ventured out, to the beach. it was a good decision. to feel the air.

a dark sky and a white, wild sea. there was no people, but us, except for those two guys who rescued J from wet feet when a wave suddenly approached too fast. and then there was that nagging feeling of being a little too adventurous when we climbed to the top of the cliffs to see the view. strong wind in our faces and a sign warning us of the danger. so we stayed away from the edge and looked far to the horizon while eating chocolate. and then there were the spring flowers and eucalyptus trees on the way back.

returning home, feeling dizzy in our heads, but in a good way. the kids are playing xbox and i'm making buns for burgers for dinner.

for some reason i think everything today feels better because we went to the beach and felt the last bit of that storm.

Friday, February 17, 2012

this weekend

the forecast says rain and storm. the north and jerusalem will even see snow. but this week gave us some sun and beautiful colors of spring.

and i had the cat ladies fixed. phew. could not handle more cats, even if those kittens are the cutest. the big male cat seems to be jumping the younger male though. i can't get close enough to check if it really is a boy, but i'm pretty sure. is that normal? does male cats jump each other? please don't tell me i have another female cat...

anyway, we'll stay indoors and at home as we once again had some cases of fever and ear pain.

everyone is feeling better, though, so we'll just eat and cuddle up on the couch with the fire burning. i believe there will be a bit of xbox, books, television and board games happening too. and cooking, off course.

have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

february tlv beach

a saturday in february at the beach in tlv. full of contrasts. swimmers, shorts and sun bathers side by side with winter coats, woolen hats and cafe goers wrapped up in blankets.

and then of course contrasts of sand covered smiles and beach monsters rolling in the sand.

D played beach volley, we had milk shake coffee and walked down memory lane, as i mentioned the other day. it's been three years since we moved out of tel aviv, and i still miss a lot of things. it's a great city, it's got an amazing beach, and we lived right next door. who wouldn't miss that?!

the photos up there: i love how the surfers look like seals while waiting for a wave. and i love the view towards jaffo.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

last sunday

as i mentioned, last week started with a walk at the beach with friend and chai. it was sunny and beautiful. there's just nothing like the beach. it rocks.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

outside :: inside

it's been a week. which i started walking the winter beach with a friend, drinking hot chai sitting in the sand. what a perfect start.

then there was continued sickness, ending up in both little D and myself starting antibiotics. the ears, the lungs, and for me, the usual sinusitis.

there was work, plenty of rain, some sun. too much food, lots of coffee and finally setting a time with the vet, after listening to love sick cats through the nights.

and then there was today, the final day of our week. a perfect day, taking a trip down memory lane in tel aviv with the kids, while D played beach volley. we played at the old playground, passed by our old building and looked through the fence into the old kindergarten.

it's been exactly three years since we left tel aviv. pretty much half the lifetime of the twins. i'm not sure how much they really remembered, but they loved walking with me, talking about the people and places.

and then we had milkshakes and coffee under the blue sky down at the beach, passed by family on the way home and got exciting news that we'll be welcoming a new little one this summer into the family (update: that would be the extended family. as in D's younger sister and husband. i'm not pregnant ;).

afternoon in the garden, long shadows, warm light. home made bread for dinner. tired kids in pajamas, snuggling on the couch after a long bath, getting rid of all the sand.

i'm ready for a new week.

Friday, February 3, 2012

on the other hand

i might have complained a bit too much about rainy weather and sickness in the house. so let me take a moment to tell you that i didn't mean to bitch so much.

it's been good too. it's really green right now, and the air is fresh. plus it makes a lot of puddles and raindrops, some of these even displaying extraordinary beauty.

plus there have been a lot of fun and coziness too while the boys kept me company at home. sometimes i tend to forget all the goodness when i make a status of my day.

also, i think i might just have to fight off an ordinary cold, not fever and flue as i feared yesterday. i really need to remember and appreciate my half full cup.

wishing you a beautiful weekend weekend.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

is it already?

wow. where did january go? if 2012 continues like this 2013 will hit me in the face really hard.

in general it's a little bit insane how time is just accelerating for each year i add to my age. there was a time when last year was a distant memory with its own logic, filled with an existential vibe that had long since been replaced by something new, different, more fitting to the life then lived. but now last year is more like "i wonder where i put those woolen socks..."

but still i get completely stressed out about the fact that i feel the flue in my body and my nose getting stuffed: will i really lose a whole weekend and have to let go of all the plans and to-do lists i'd been putting together in my mind this last week?

will i really have to just sit tight and wait this one out. one day....two days? but, seriously, i have stuff to do!

cross your fingers for my good health - now i'll go dive into that box of oznei hamman cookies D brought back to me from the big! is it really already purim. (and since i never got around back then to tell you why hamman's ears are eaten around purim, here you go).

wishing you a good weekend - and month of february.