Wednesday, November 28, 2012

random :: instagram selections

:: sun and rain, my running shoes are like two blocks of dried mud. but the sun is out most days

:: silly kids and angry kids. this morning i had drag jonathan out of bed which had him really upset. apparently i interrupted him in a really good dream.

:: i'm trying to read again. have not been able to finish any books lately. it's like i cannot just let go and get sucked in. seriously too much going on in my mind these days.

:: counting down the days before we go to denmark. looking forward to some christmas.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


we're in a time of reflection. deciding where we want to be, settle down.

i don't know if i ever really settled down where we live now, or in israel in general. as much as i love it there's a sense of watching from a distance. partly because of my nature, and partly because of the way life has played out for us. or rather, because of how we played out life.

sometimes we think about going to denmark, but as much as i love denmark there are also so many things i'm unsure and concerned about in terms of living there. we talked about it again since we're at a crossroad now and as the kids grow older it might be more and more difficult to uproot them and start over.

we like where we are now. it's not ours and we're not sure what will eventually happen. and it's an old house and we'd love to fix it, but obviously not as long as we don't know for how long we'll be living there.

we have other places we consider here in israel where we'd like to live, but there are so many logistics to consider. one of the most important things for me being schools especially since noam has learning issues and need special education. 

let's see. we might just postpone the big decisions a little longer. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

dreamy :: instagram selection

:: bed room bunting :: october cranes :: behind the flowers :: dream on, my boy ::

if we could only choose our own dreams and make them come true...

i wish not to be a part of this reality, but i am. not up close with the sounds of air strike alarms in my ears, like those down south, on both sides.

two sides, two so different narratives, only further divided now by fear. a fear of losing. lives, love and future.

when people fear they start to hate.

i cannot stand my facebook feed these days. so full of righteous people. those sitting far away making it sound so simple, black and white. and those sitting here being so caught up in the emotions sharing all those historical quotes, the same "what else can we do" as if only "we" are the victims.

we heard it all four years ago when this middle eastern version of the groundhog day nightmare played out the last time.

when there are war and killings there are no good guys.

what will happen now? it seems like most people around here are too busy looking back: who attacked first? started this time? when did "this time" even start, or was it retaliation?

the who-done-it and i-was-here-first can be discussed thousands of years back and the will to go backwards leads the way.

looking forward? that's to complicated, too much compromise needed and acceptance required.

i hope we can still dream of something better to come.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the fishermen's village

it was only us in the fishermen's village the other day. there was win and waves and the little place that sells fresh fish, fried or deepfried, was closed. the boats were anchored near the shore, rocking wild in the white.

it's not really a village, we just call it that. there are some trailers and couches outside, their gear and that place that sells the fish, ice cream and drinks.

i like this place.

Monday, November 12, 2012

golden moments :: instagram selection

it's been raining heavily for three days. and i love it. there are breaks now and then with the sun out and a bit of blue sky. a reminder that the rain will not last and we'll have the sun back soon enough.

but i can actually wear something remotely similar to winter clothes and drink tea and make soup without feeling like a hopelessly homesick scandinavian girl. i ALWAYS start missing the change of season in october. it's like my body craves wool and soup, and my mind the darkness and the leaves falling. i know. i'd have a hard time dealing with 4-5 months og long dark winter in scandinavia, but i still miss it.

and now we have it. and i've had pumpkin soup and chai tea. and woolen socks on inside the house. and my winter boots are out. that is the mediterranean version: my favorite clog boots from sweedish hasbeens.... oh, how i've missed you.

the above is from the instagram feed, again. golden moments @trinsch to celebrate the fall.

wishing you a golden week!

:: tel avis at sunset :: passion fruit from the garden :: pumpkin harvest from our next door neighbor, the pumpkin farmer :: me and my phone ::

Sunday, November 11, 2012

gray days

what can i say... i'm from the north, from scandinavia, denmark. it goes straight to my heart when walking the beach on a gray day with wind and white waves. seriously, how can that not make you just perfectly happy all the way to the soul?!

and when i get to go there on my birthday with my boys and the man, well. that's kind of close to perfection.

that was yesterday. today, the rain is back. but there will be an "after the rain":

Saturday, November 10, 2012

black edges :: instagram selection

happy saturday, happy weekend.

a random pick of those with black edges from my instagram collection @trinsch - if you're there, let me know :)

:: ice cream and jonathan :: fishermen in tel aviv harbor :: camping in north zealand, dk :: kids cooling off in tel aviv :: flora on the dirtroads :: on my wall 7: mighty head gear in cph zoo :: daniel and morfar :: afternoon light

Sunday, November 4, 2012


7 days ago the twins turned 7. wow! seven years ago they were born. it was quite a surprise 6 weeks early. Noam 1.5 kilo and Jonathan 2 kilo. so tiny they were.

i won't say i don't remember life before kids. i do. there was quite a before and after children in our case, starting out with premature twins and adding Daniel to the crowd 19 month later. we had quite an intense beginning.

it's still intense, but in a different way. sometimes it feels easier, other times it feels so much more like a challenge. when they were younger the hard part was - put simple - logistics and the physical hard work. Today it's the back and forth, the long term consequences, the future, the first steps towards letting go, taking a deep breath and hoping they'll be ok out there. in school, with friends, in life.

oh, and then there's that really hard part where you have to accept that their idea of a fun birthday is spending the day in an amusement park. sigh. can you see how much fun i'm having to take that ride with the 5 year old who couldn't do it on his own. double sigh.