Sunday, November 25, 2012


we're in a time of reflection. deciding where we want to be, settle down.

i don't know if i ever really settled down where we live now, or in israel in general. as much as i love it there's a sense of watching from a distance. partly because of my nature, and partly because of the way life has played out for us. or rather, because of how we played out life.

sometimes we think about going to denmark, but as much as i love denmark there are also so many things i'm unsure and concerned about in terms of living there. we talked about it again since we're at a crossroad now and as the kids grow older it might be more and more difficult to uproot them and start over.

we like where we are now. it's not ours and we're not sure what will eventually happen. and it's an old house and we'd love to fix it, but obviously not as long as we don't know for how long we'll be living there.

we have other places we consider here in israel where we'd like to live, but there are so many logistics to consider. one of the most important things for me being schools especially since noam has learning issues and need special education. 

let's see. we might just postpone the big decisions a little longer. 


  1. Ja, det er ikke altid let at vaere udenlands dansker , man har ligesom ikke rodder saadan helt, nogen steder. Haaber I finder den rigtige losning. Knus Jane - ogsaa udenlands dansker.

  2. My family moved from England to America when I was 6 (my sisters were 8 and 10) and although it was a bizarre culture shock at first, I now feel lucky for having such a worldy experience in my growing up.

  3. Trine! Jeg kjenner meg så igjen i hva du sier og tenker på... Lykke til med deres valg! Du tar flotte bilder:-)